Etsy Wednesday: 5 Upcycled Lamps by Dog Tag Designs

Only a few weeks ago, BKLYN DESIGNS celebrated its 10th anniversary in conjunction with NYCxDESIGN, New York City’s inaugural citywide event. BKLYN DESIGNS housed a special jury-selected group of Brooklyn-based designers who brought their best in contemporary furnishings, lighting and accessories that were all made or designed in Brooklyn. We got a chance to meet with all the designers who featured their collection of work, but we were quite literally stopped when we came across Dog Tag Designs.

Dog Tag Designs specializes in upcycling and repurposing rather random (but fun) vintage objects into very useful furnishings. They add a dog tag to each of the items they make, noting the location the item was discovered, date it was transformed and the title.


Tyagi Schwartz is the founder of Dog Tag Designs and spoke on his site about his decisions to add dog tags to all his designs:

Everything has a history and a story to tell. I needed a way to give provenance to my creations and dog tags were the perfect answer to forever mark my work.

Check out some of our favorite picks on their Etsy shop:

Star Wars Darth Vader Upcycled Lamps Dog Tag Designs

Our nerdy hearts were going pitter patter when we came across their Darth Vader light (which, unfortunately, is not on Etsy). However, you can contact them about reproducing it. (Go go go!)

CB Radio Upcycled Lamps Dog Tag Designs Etsy

The CB Radio Lamp uses a radio that once traveled the highways of New York State. That’s what we’re talking about when we say these pieces have a story. $275

Cigar Box Upcycled Lamps Dog Tag Designs Etsy

This Cigar Box Lamp uses an assortment of wooden Cuban cigar boxes. Maybe a gift for your dad on Father’s Day? (Or maybe your mom! $90

Coffee and Tea Upcycled Lamps Dog Tag Designs Etsy

This Coffee & Tea Lamp uses mid-century red coffee and tea cannisters. The coffee is the base, and the tea is the lamp head. $150

Driftwood Upcycled Lamps Dog Tag Designs Etsy

The Driftwood Lamp used pieces of driftwood that washed up on the shore in Red Hook, Brooklyn. $160

Vintage Poly Hot Pot Upcycled Lamps Dog Tag Designs Etsy

This Vintage Poly Hot Pot Lamp is great for mood lighting, don’t you think? $55

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Which Dog Tag Designs lamp would you love to buy?

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