Etsy Wednesday: The Ultimate Sailor Moon Fan Finds

There are certain things from the 90’s that really should have died out with the decade. Flashy nylon windbreakers, Zubaz, crimped hair and those jelly shoes that always give you blisters on your heel. I mean, what were we thinking?

On the other hand, there are a few things most people wouldn’t mind seeing return. Slap bracelets, for example, were a painful way to have some fun, and MASH was always helpful when you felt uncertain about your future. And what about N’SYNC and the Backstreet Boys? The 90’s wasn’t all bad.


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Another thing most people wouldn’t mind resurrecting from the 90’s is Sailor Moon. And lucky for them the series will be making a comeback on July 5th, at 6 a.m. (EST) in the United States.

Created by Naoko Takeuchi, Sailor Moon was originally a monthly serial in the manga magazine Nakayoshi. Its 52 chapters were published from 1992 to 1997. The story was made into a television series, which aired in the United States from March 6, 1993 to March 12, 1994. Even though the series was short-lived, it established a cult-like following that continues to thrive – in addition to inspiring fandoms of all genres to never give up hope in a series, even after it has been cancelled.

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Usagi (or Serena in the U.S.) Tsukino is a lovable, yet typical, 14-year old girl. She loves food and boys and goofing-off, and doesn’t take her schoolwork seriously. One day, Serena finds Luna, a black cat with a “crescent-shaped bald spot”. Luna tells Serena that she is the Pretty Sailor Senshi of Love and Justice, and gives her a magic brooch that allows her to transform into Sailor Moon.

As Sailor Moon, Serena is destined to save the world from the Dark Kingdom. Over the course of the series, Serena makes friends with other girls who are also Sailor Senshi. There is Sailor Mercury, Sailor Venus, Sailor Saturn, Sailor Mars, Sailor Uranus, Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Neptune. Together, the girls defend the Earth from the evil forces that wish to destroy it.

In honor of the long-awaited return of this very popular series, we’ve highlighted some of our favorite Sailor Moon items from Etsy Sellers!


Luna and Artemis iPhone Case, $15.88+ at blacksheepcase


Handmade Sailor Moon Crystal Earrings, $8 at ghjiuynbma

Earrings handmade sailor moon crystal earrings


Unique Human Luna Bag, $25 at MadScientistsLab

Unique Human Luna Bag via MadScientistsLab Etsy

Sailor Moon Wand Necklace, $10.44 at CharmingSushi

Sailor Moon Wand Necklace CharmingSushi

Sailor Moon Original Paper Art, $70 at theblankwall

Sailor Moon Paper Art via the blankwall etsy


Tuxedo Mask charm, $7.98 at CharmingSushi


Sailor Moon engagement ring replica, $29.99 at VintageSexyGlam


Custom Sailor Moon 3D Phone Case, $18+ at YYKawaii

Custom Sailor Moon 3D Phone Case YYKawaii

15-oz Mug, $12+ at PrettyLittleTragic


8.5″ x 11″ Print, $6 at crashbanglabs



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