Everyday Astrnaut Tim DoddPhotographer Tim Dodd stumbled upon a vintage Russian space suit on an auction website, and has since chronicled himself as a character he calls the Everyday Astronaut. From mowing the lawn with a Segway to grocery shopping for Tang and walking the dog with a drone, Dodd projects his inner child and his love for space into the amusing photo series.

After purchasing the space suit on a whim, the suit continued to inspire him and he began thinking of ideas for a photo series. Soon was buying things his 7-year-old self would love, such as the space themed bedding and toys.

As you can see, he takes a humorous approach to his fascination by posing dramatically and with wild facial expressions.

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Everyday Astrnaut Tim Dodd

Everyday Astrnaut Tim Dodd

Everyday Astrnaut Tim Dodd

Everyday Astrnaut Tim Dodd

Everyday Astrnaut Tim Dodd

Everyday Astrnaut Tim DoddImages via Tim Dodd; h/t Fast Co.Exist

Through carefully scouted locations around his hometown of Cedar Falls, Iowa, he was able to create the right vision for each shot. Each photograph also references NASA in some way, such as Apollo 13 playing in the background on a television. Some are more subtle like an alarm clock reading 6:07 a.m., which is the same time a wake-up warning sounded on the final American shuttle flight after a computer glitch.

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Dodd plans to continue working on even more ideas inspired the same Everyday Astronaut character, and we simply cannot wait to see. Living in a world where astronauts are highly lauded – and rightly so – it is interesting to see the “life and times” of an astronaut from a more humanistic approach.

See more of Dodd’s series and find out more on his website.

Or, make sure to follow the series on his Instagram account @everydayastronaut.

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