extinct eyewearKaitlyn Yee and Alex Ferriera have a passion for protecting endangered animals. The couple from Santa Cruz recently started Extinct Sunwear, an impact focused sunglasses and apparel company committed to conserving wildlife. Extinct Sunwear’s recently launched Kickstarter campaign enables shoppers to support wildlife preservation efforts while looking fashionable.


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Extinct Sunwear’s iconic, retro-inspired line of sunglasses not only keeps your eyes protected and looking cool this summer, but it also helps raise awareness for threatened animal species. Poaching, habitat loss, wildlife trade, global warming, and other issues are accelerating the extinction rates among hundreds to thousands of species; 30 to 50 percent of species are in serious danger of becoming extinct by 2050.

extinct eyewearA portion of every purchased pair of shades helps aid endangered animals; the company donates funds to three selected organizations, such as Sea Shepherd and the International Anti-Poaching Foundation, which are actively involved in preserving the world’s animal populations today.

extinct eyewearThe sunglasses line is even designed with colors of animal species in need. For example, black shades signify gorillas, leopard have a classic tortoise shell, rhinos are clear and gray, and elephants are a brown model.


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While the frames fitted with polarized lenses are made with lightweight, high quality plastic, they’re looking to move toward more sustainable options in the future. Supporters can snag a pair of their choice color for pre-sale via the Kickstarter campaign for $30, and they’ll be shipped in an eco-friendly burlap pouch and an organic cotton sleeve housed in a unique box.

extinct eyewearPhotos via Extinct Sunwear

Supporting the Kickstarter campaign will help raise awareness and fund the development of the company’s initial production run, which will then be sold with proceeds given to charity. Follow Extinct Sunwear on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to spread the word!

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Would you wear these sunglasses to preserve wildlife?


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