ballerina candy wrapper packaging design

In all honesty, who can get enough of great packaging design, especially when they are highly inspired. One of our recent favorites – in both form and inspiration – is the “Ballerina Candy” Concept. The product, form, and idea is by Russian Designer, Alexey Seoev, who specializes in illustration, packaging, and branding.

The idea behind this particular product lies first in his idea for a candy – one that would suppress the appetite for a couple of hours, therefore, being good for those who are often active and on their feet. Ballerinas are notorious for this as they have 3 hours long (minimum) studio classes requiring endurance and focus. Especially in Russia, where the sport is considered integral to their culture and history, ballerinas have become a huge source of inspiration but often have to put up with the tough demands of the sport and outside competition.

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ballerina candy wrapper packaging design

Keeping with the theme, the color scheme was pink, because what translates more to the dance form than a color reminisce of tutus and leotards? In addition, there is an illustrated ballerina featured, who pirouettes as you twist the candy wrapper open, as seen below!

ballerina candy wrapper packaging design

The idea is truly ingenious. It is inspiring how well all components of the product connect with each other. You can see this all the way from the purpose of the candy to the way in which a consumer would interact with the packaging. Of the concept the designer says:

An affecting attendant of Terpsichore, dropped her eyes of discrepancy to her lush forms with the strict standards of the ballet, is depicted on a wrapper. If you hold a candy for the tails of a wrapper and pull to open, ballerina is doing a pirouette.”

ballerina candy wrapper packaging design

ballerina candy wrapper packaging designAll images via Behance

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