fall decor mantel feat image

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fall decor mantel feat image

Fall is one of the most romantic times of the year, and arguably the most beautiful. I always look forward to fall decorating because I get to create a lovely display using the season’s elements and its gorgeous color palette. If you have a fireplace, the mantel provides a great opportunity to bring in the beauty of the season. Here are some easy ideas for styling your mantel this fall.

Splash on Some Color

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The season is full of rich hues that can make any space more inviting. For maximum impact, create a focal point using statement pieces that feature warm colors. This can be a painting, a decorative mirror with a gilded frame, or an autumn harvest wreath.

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Create Texture

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Texture, whether visual or tactile, gives your mantel a more homey effect and makes the room more interesting. Add texture by combining hard and soft elements, such as wheat stalks and small gourds, and then placing them on different points on your mantel.

Another simple trick is to use a brightly colored wreath as the central display, then add vases and candles for a simple yet full autumn effect. Remember to use harvest and fall elements to make your mantel an extension of the outdoors.

Make It Personal

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Framed artwork adds a personal touch and makes the mantel display more meaningful. Family pictures and mementos also add a lived-in feel to the room. Use photos and frames in varying sizes to provide a layered look.

You can also group two or three mementos on one side of the mantel, then balance it out with a vase or lantern on the other side for visual harmony. Choose personal accents carefully to achieve a more curated look for the display.

Play Around with Elements

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Be playful when it comes to colors and sizes. Use vases in an autumn palette and line them up with a mirror backdrop to make the colors bounce. You can also use different sizes of the same accessory, such as candlesticks, books, or even figurines artfully placed along your mantel to create a diverse appeal.

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Pull Double Duty

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Your mantel can also work as extra storage for your books, but they have to be placed strategically so that the space doesn’t look cluttered. Add some autumn flowers or accessories in fall colors for an eclectic effect.

When decorating your mantel for fall, combine two or more elements to create a display that reflects your style. Step back and view your display from three feet away to see what works and what doesn’t. Happy fall decorating!

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What are your favorite fall decor styles and tips?


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