Etsy Wednesday: Furry Faux Taxidermy

Taxidermy just looks so darn sophisticated, don’t you agree? But you know what’s even better than taxidermy? Faux taxidermy. Not only is it better because animals don’t get harmed in the process, but also because there are a ton of mediums and materials that can be used to create faux taxidermy. It’s pretty cool and totally post-modern.

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And if you won’t take our word for it, here are ten different examples of fantastic faux taxidermy from Etsy sellers. Prepare to be impressed.

Wall Mount Deer Head, $175 BananaTreeStudios

faux taxidermy via etsyDecoupage is so great. However, when decoupage and faux taxidermy meet, you get one-of-a-kind results: like this brightly patterned deer head. It’s a-doe-able.

Gold Bison Head, $89.99 FauxTaxidermy

faux taxidermy via etsyWe did some checking, and we can confirm that this is the most regal looking faux bison head in existence. If you have a bare space on your wall, fill it with one of these gold bison heads.

Howling Wolf Felt Head, $95 Nocik

faux taxidermy via etsyNeedle felted animal heads look so pet-able, but this howling wolf head is downright realistic. Buy this epic faux taxidermy mount for the wolf lover in your life.

Pink Elephant Head Mount, $89.97 WallCharmers

faux taxidermy via etsyThis faux elephant head mount is pretty in pink! But if you don’t like pink, check out the custom color chart on the listing, to create the perfect elephant head for you.

Wood Deer Head, $185 theTOPOshop

faux taxidermy via etsyThe deer head is really the traditional taxidermy-ed thing. And we like tradition, but we also like things that deviate from the norm. This modern wooden deer head fits the bill, and leaves nothing to be desired.

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Felt Pig Head, $50 GrohArtifact

faux taxidermy via etsyIf you’re landlord won’t let you keep a tiny pig in your apartment, you can always purchase this precious faux piggy head. It’s every bit as sweet, and we imagine it’s also way less messy!

Custom Upholstered Lion Head, $1,500 LittleStagStudio

faux taxidermy via etsyIf we were to tell you that an upholstered faux taxidermy lion head could look this fierce, you probably wouldn’t believe us. But then, we would show you this picture, and you would say, “Wow, you guys were right!” Then, we would nod, and you would buy an upholstered lion head for your wall.

Poly Resin Bull Skull, $175 mysecretlife

faux taxidermy via etsyWe love this trendy take on an old west favorite. This poly resin cow skull is a great combination of gold and “bone”, and it manages to be rustic and elegant all at once.

Needle-Felted Jackalope, $85 GrohArtifact

faux taxidermy via etsyThe jackalope. They’re known as the most fearsome critter in all of North America, but they’re also the cutest! Especially this needle felted one.

Papercraft Unicorn Head, $58.70+ PaperwolfsShop

faux taxidermy via etsyReal unicorn heads are extremely hard to find. It probably has something to do with the fact that they don’t really exist. But with this papercraft faux taxidermy kit, you can create your very own mythical horse head.

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Where would you hang your faux taxidermy?

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