Turn Your Garage Into Your Dream Studio!

We have all at some point or another encountered a garage that seems to be at the “point of no return”. Whether it was your own doing is at your own disclosure. That being said, there is hope. Regardless of how much junk you have accumulated over time – and kept disorganized – you can rest assured that there is a way to transform your space into something beautiful.

Take a peek at this beautiful floral design studio. Leigh Ann Reagen Barnes walks you through an incredible transformation that will make you want to create your very own oasis. With summer finally here, the floral accents and bright colors are sure to inspire anyone.


Whether you use the room for work or play, florals or crafts, it will be a whole lot more useful in your home than a cluttered garage.

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Would you transform your garage into this floral design studio?

Featured Image via Flickr

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