Tour Las Vegas Performer Frank Marino’s Extravagant Home

If you haven’t heard of Frank Marino, you are missing out. Marino is the longest-running Las Vegas headliner, whose home is more extravagant than he is!

J.D. Scott of HGTV took a house tour of Marino’s Las Vegas abode, and let us tell you, it is something else. It was built three decades ago, when Marino was 19 years old, and decor wise, things haven’t changed much.


Marino’s house is fashioned in a lot of white, black, silver and gold accents as an ode to the one and only Liberace. And while it does have a distinct palette, not every room is decorated in those colors.

For example, Marino has what he and his friends call the “Golden Girls” room which literally looks like it was taken off a set thanks to the florals and pink and mint green color scheme. On top of that, he also has an entire bedroom dedicated to his dog, that, to be honest, makes us completely jealous.

Of course, no home tour is complete without a look at the backyard, which looks a little like what we think Heaven would. With a giant pool and a ton of trees, it’s the perfect mixture of relaxation and party.

Check out the full house tour in the video above, and be sure to let us know what you think in the comments below!

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