This Battery Park City couple (Lower Manhattan) has 5 children under the age of 10. Both having hailed from California, the couple wanted to recreate an urban version of their childhood Santa Cruz experience for their children. With the help of New York City-based architecture and design firm, Incorporated, the couple transformed three apartments into a 4,700 square foot loft, turned a second kitchen into a crafts room and made a spare bedroom a full-sized playhouse for their children.

This renovation took 10 months to complete. Take a look at the beautiful results of this bohemian apartment-fun house!

All photos by Annie Schlechter.


Family Room

The eclectically upholstered couch brings a lot of color to the family room. Looks like there is a less formal dining room/craft room to accommodate 6.

Piano Wall

The piano wall in the family room has so many personal touches that accompanies the already fun design, with the children’s artwork proudly displayed on the blue shelves!

The media wall is custom-built, and was actually a cheaper option to a similarly designed shelving unit. The piano was spay-painted blue to match the walls.

Dining Room

The eclectic Lindsey Adelman light fixture hangs above a rustic dining table and benches, which are accompanied by beautifully detailed wingback chairs for the parents.

Retro Niche Study

Love the vintage style wall paper and the drum lamp!


This spare room was converted so that the 5 children could have full access to this full-sized playhouse. The tree house was constructed from walnut, painted paneling, and steel.


The backsplash in this kitchen is a piece of Josf Frank fabric encased between two pieces of glass.

It’s this delicate material; it shouldn’t be there—this place where it can get oily—yet it’s probably one of the more durable backsplashes we’ve done, because it has no joints.
– Drew Stuart, Incorporated partner

Master Bedroom

Boys’ Room

This plywood playhouse doubles as bunk beds for the two boys. The parents were also smart to incorporate additional bunk beds to accommodate sleepovers.

Girls’ Room

The park-inspired room was designed for two sisters.

If my sister and I had a room like this, I’m sure we would have fought a lot less in our shared bedroom!


The cute nursery brings in elements from both the boys’ and girls’ room.


It seems that the parents chose to take the least amount of space for themselves, squeezing an office into this nook near the family room.

Guest Bathroom

The guest bathroom is chic with just a touch of eclectic.

How to Make Bohemian Aprons

For more on this amazing bohemian apartment, check out Incorporated’s website!

What’s your favorite room in the 2010 bohemian apartment renovation?

[via handmade charlotte, new york magazine]


  1. The apt is super cool, I love it. However, the writer obviously does not know the meaning of the word “bohemian”, which, if you’re not referring to someone from Bohemia, means a random, uninhibited and inexpensive style. This renovation cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, and every itty-bitty detail is deliberate. There’s not a random placement of any object, and nothing is out of place or left o chance. Just because the couple has some arty and not-typical tastes – like painting a piano blue to match a wall, hardly makes them bohemian. These people are as studied, detailed and wealthy as those that live in uber traditional apts on Park Ave, as both can afford a “money is no object” decorator to create the home of their dreams. Lucky and rich? Yes. Bohemian? Not even a little.
    One thing I don’t understand is with all that space, why is the dining room table so small, and with not enough seating? That seems like a very odd decision.


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