Gaga Tea Box Design Concept Inspired by Lady Gaga

Gaga Tea is a Lady Gaga-inspired design project created by Nathalie Hallman, an Advertising/Graphic Design student at Beckmans College of Design in Stockholm, Sweden. Nathalie was required to solve several specific home tests as part of her application to enroll at Backmans College. One of these tests was to create a design project in which you portray a person you admire in any creative way. Lady Gaga, the Queen of pop culture, always makes it on the front page of news with her constantly changing personas and chameleon-like personality — but beyond that, Lady Gaga is also a notorious tea-drinker. Inspired by her idol, Nathalie decided to create an unconventional portrait of Lady Gaga’s artistic persona.

The project she submitted was Gaga Tea, a conceptual tea box consisting of 10 different tea flavors, each inspired by Gaga’s most memorable career characters.

From Nathalie:

 Tea, an ancient beverage, is an artform in itself; the various flavours that can be found are countless. Similar to the vast amount of existing tea flavours, Lady Gaga’s closet of characters throughout her career is just as extensive. What better way to portray one of the most dynamic artists of the 21st century, than in the shape of an exclusive tea box consisting of unique flavours inspired by Gaga’s most memorable personas? The ‘Gaga Tea’-box offers ten unconventional blends; among the choices are ‘Meat Maniac’ (inspired by the infamous meat dress), ‘Diet Coke Dar(jee)ling’ (from the famous Telephone-video Diet Coke-hairdo) and crustacean flavoured ‘Lobster Lover’ (a nod to the Schiaparelli lobster headpiece). There are ten unique tea bags to suit every little monster’s taste buds.

Enjoy the intricacies of her amazingly creative design project below.

Gaga Tea

“10 divine infusions to soothe ever little monster’s tea-sipping tastebuds.”

  1. Mother Ambrosia: The most divine infusion of them all – intoxicating black tea with taste of liquid eyeliner, petrol and charcoal.
  2. I’m Hanging Up!: Tangy, unripe grapefruit mixed with vinegar and lemon zest. Guaranteed to leave a bitter aftertaste.
  3. Double Bubble: A dulcet, super sweet infusion of cherry bubblegum and caramel  with a delicate aftertaste of soap.
  4. Meat Maniac: A rich, mouth watering, fleshy, full-bodied infusion. Straight from the slaughter house.
  5. Holy Fool: Fiery blend of rooibos tea with black pepper and red chili. Guaranteed to awaken your inner ‘mamacita’.
  6. Jo Caliente: An intense, steamy, aphrodisical blend of cigarettes and Jack Daniels. When you’re in the mood for some dude.
  7. Lobster Lover: Refreshingly salty blend of algae and crustacean. Put your claws up.
  8. Zombie Zest: Delectably diabolic – the ultimate kiss of death, leaving an aftertaste of bubblegum grenadine.
  9. Diet Coke Dar(JEE)Ling: Every little monster’s (non-alcoholic) elixir of choice.
  10. Criminal Mind: Rich infusion of lemoncello and liquorice with a twist of plastic. So intoxicating, you’ll cause a crime scene.

Gaga Tea Box Design Concept Inspired by Lady Gaga

Gaga Tea Box Design Concept Inspired by Lady Gaga

Gaga Tea Box Design Concept Inspired by Lady Gaga

Gaga Tea Box Design Concept Inspired by Lady Gaga

Gaga Tea Box Design Concept Inspired by Lady Gaga

The ridiculous but fun tea flavors obviously signal this as a concept only, not real! But wouldn’t it be fun to have tea time with Tea Gaga?

SNTV - A spot of Gaga

What’s your Lady Gaga tea flavor?

[via The Dieline]



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