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The last thing I want to do is judge. I remember many a garage in my childhood that was just overloaded with my father’s crud. Whether they were tools, storage or unfinished paintings and crafts my father had started work on, the garage was hardly ever used for a substantial purpose – like maybe… storing cars or becoming a functioning work shed.

Now, many years after I have moved out of my parents’ home have I realized that maybe my Dad was seriously disorganized and while it’s almost cliché to think about garages as a “mess”, the possibilities are endless for an extra space.

If you find the idea of parking your car in your garage daily, there are plenty of other things you can do that can transform this extra space into something super useful. Take a look at these gorgeous images that will help inspire you to transform your space.


Like the idea of a pool home or a guest house? With a proper clean up and renovations, you can turn that dusty garage into an oasis for visitors.

Perhaps all you need is a little getaway, just some shelving and a couch can create a perfect reading nook/hideaway.

Love gardening? Turn your garage into a makeshift greenhouse and natural oasis.

Wwe love how the simplicity and pop of color turns this basic area into something mod.

For the real man’s man, this tool shed is ideal for those who like to work on cars, bikes, carpentry and more. The key is in keeping it organized!

Garage can certainly be storage as long as you install the right modular systems to keep everything in check, in place and easily accessible.

Perhaps you work from home? If you need peace and quiet in order to focus, this is just what will help you get your work done.

I can’t tell if it’s a mess inside, but the idea of creating or building a shed/garage with plenty of windows seems like a perfect incentive to keep it tidy.

This seems like the ultimate neighborhood hang out spot.

Man cave, anyone? Turn your space into a rec room and include fun entertainment options – possibilities include everything from pool, air hockey, darts, television, sound system, etc.

If you’re looking for some inspo when building your home, why not create this geometric garage space that’s perfect for housing a car that is easily accessible.

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