Meet Garfi the Persian Cat. He has recently been blowing up the internet with his mean mug and”Don’t mess with me!” looks.

We are sure Garfi makes a great companion but we cannot deny that he looks like the angriest cat on the planet. Tardar Sauce (AKA the official Grumpy Cat) has nothing on this feline whose furrowed brows would undoubtedly be quite the startling sight to wake up to or walk in on after a long day from work.

We can assume that his name is derivative of Garfield, the sassy orange cat which went from comic strip to television – however, we doubt that Garfi back-talks even a quarter as much.

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While in pictures, he looks like the kind of cat that would bite your hand off if you even thought about petting him, according to his owner, Hulya Ozlok, Garfi is just a normal cat who does normal cat things. Whether it’s hiding in paper bags or playing with balls of yarn, he does it all. In other words, your fears of Garfi plotting your ultimate demise can be put to rest.

If anything, it would be safe to assume that Garfi is quite the nice cat, considering that cats are not typically known for being great picture-takers or being put in awkward positions/scenarios against their own will. Garfi, on the other hand, looks like he has done and is down for everything from taking a “people” bath to being dressed up as Santa Claus. While he may not look pleased, we are sure we can find at least a faint glimmer of happiness somewhere under all that fur…

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garfi the cat 13

garfi the cat 12

garfi the cat 11

garfi the cat 10

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garfi the cat 5

garfi the cat 4

garfi the cat 3

garfi the cat 1

All images via Bored Panda

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How scared are you of Garfi?


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