By now you’ve probably got everybody’s gifts. Well, we certainly hope you do, because last-minute Christmas shopping is not fun. Anyway, if you’ve got your gift list all crossed off, it’s time to get to wrapping. Now, if only you had the perfect paper. . .

Make your Christmas presents look as pretty as pictures with these stunning gift wraps, which you’ll only find from these Etsy sellers.

Little Foxes Gift Wrap, $8.50 SeaUrchinStudios

gift wrapping paper via etsyIf anybody ever tries to tell you that foxes aren’t cute, first, show them this gift wrap, then, run as far away from them as possible. You don’t need people like that in your life.

Cozy Christmas Paper, $3.37 SophiaVictoriaJoy

gift wrapping paper via etsyThis cozy Christmas gift wrap makes us all warm and fuzzy just looking at it. It probably has a something to do with those warm and fuzzy hats printed all over it.

Eco-Friendly Dog Wrapping Paper, $7 FishLipDesigns

gift wrapping paper via etsyThis wrapping paper is a lovely shade of blue. And for us, that would’ve been enough. But then to have dachshunds dressed up as reindeer all over it? You’re killing us with cute, over here!

Gold Polka Dot Paper, $7.50 abneysandtoes

gift wrapping paper via etsyMaybe the minimalist look is more your thing. There’s nothing wrong with that. Check out this chic gold polka dot paper. Simple and sophisticated, no?

Snow Owl Gift Wrap, $12.95 SoireeSupply

gift wrapping paper via etsyIn our experience, owls are perfect for every occasion. So wrap all of you Christmas presents in this silver snow owl paper. You won’t be sorry.

Snowflake Christmas Wrap, $4.52+ TheLastTwinkie

gift wrapping paper via etsyWe like how this black snowflake on brown craft paper gift wrap manages to be both rustic and elegant at the same time. We wish we could pull that off.

Woodland Christmas Wrap, $17.95+ PineAndBerryShop

gift wrapping paper via etsyThis paper’s got the reds, it’s got the greens, it’s got it all. It’s perfect for wrapping your Christmas gifts, and also for framing, because it is just that pretty.

Paisley Wrapping Paper, $14 everydaysaholiday

gift wrapping paper via etsyIf you need a wrapping paper that’s appropriate for all occasions, this is it. The plain white paisley pattern looks great under a Christmas tree, but your friends won’t mind getting presents wrapped with this paper throughout the year, either.

Puffin Print Paper, $7.97 birdcardsandprints

gift wrapping paper via etsyWhat, you want a reason as to why puffins belong on gift wrap? Because they’re adorable birds, that’s why. Geez.

Art Nouveau Gift Wrap, $14 NormansPrintery

gift wrapping paper via etsyThis art nouveau gift wrap would look beautiful under your modernly decorated tree. This is another paper featured in our lineup that’s totally neutral. You could use it for birthdays, anniversaries, or anything else.

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What are some of your favorite gift wrapping?


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