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Okay, so it’s Movie Friday, and we all know what that means. But it’s also time for the holidays and with Christmas coming up we’re putting the spotlight on gingerbread houses.

Sure, pumpkin spice rules the roster now, but come Christmas time, the Gingerbread Man will be crowned the King of Confectionery Delights.

Gingerbread really has a monopoly on the edible building materials market. But then, it doesn’t have many competitors to contend with, does it? But don’t let us digress! The last thing we want to do is get involved in the highly-political, sometimes nefarious world of edible building materials.

Instead, take a look at some of the clever ways people all over the interwebs have used gingerbread to make fantastical creations inspired by their favorite movies!

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Gone With the Wind

gingerbread housesImage via dougtischler.blogspot

It can’t have been easy, turning Scarlett O’Hara’s beloved plantation home into this gingerbread masterpiece complete with great balls of fire! With Mammy in the window, Scarlett and Rhett on the lawn, and even a horse-drawn carriage, the detail must have taken hours.

The Wizard of Oz

gingerbread housesImage via i-love-oz.tumblr

This incredible gingerbread Wizard of Oz display is every bit as vibrant as the technicolor movie! There’s even a Toto!


gingerbread housesImage via

Mr. Fredricksen and the house he shared with his beloved wife are off to Paradise Falls. It must have been tricky, suspending the house like that, without having it fall apart. Hats off to this home builder!

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Lord of the Rings

gingerbread housesImage via

The walk to Mount Doom isn’t quite so terrifying when it’s lined with lollipops.

ginger5Image via

You know, Mordor gets all the glory, but The Shire has a lot more curb appeal. Who wouldn’t want to live in a Hobbit Hole? Especially a gingerbread one. Yum!

Harry Potter

ginger6Image via

Gingerbread is pretty magical all by itself, but this is amazing. Whoever used it to build Hogwarts is a real wizard.

A Christmas Story

ginger7Image via

Oh, fudge! This replica of the house from A Christmas Story looks good enough to eat, but don’t get any ideas.

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

ginger8Image via kenna-blue-eyes.blogspot

This gingerbread replica of Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory is just as eatable as the one in the movie. And the Chocolate River is surprisingly accurate!

Star Wars

ginger9Image via

Is it AT-AT hunting season yet? Because this guy looks delicious. Also, were there a lot of candy canes in Star Wars? We can’t remember.

Despicable Me

ginger10Image via dustinandsarai.blogspot

There is nothing at all despicable about this gingerbread model of Gru’s house. It must have taken a mastermind to create it. Maybe not a criminal, but a mastermind nonetheless.

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Which gingerbread house would you build?



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