Think Beyond Pink: Girl’s Nursery Color Options

For many, pink and girls go hand in hand. We’re not quite sure how it happened, but many of us are conditioned to think pink when it comes to a girl’s nursery color. But there are so many other options that will give you a sweet look.

In the video above, you’ll learn about different colors to not only break stereotypes, but also save you energy in the future. For example, pink maybe great when you have your baby, but painting over that color in the future, when your child is grown, can be a hassle. That’s why, going with white, beige and other neutrals can be ideal. If you want to be traditionally feminine, you can easily add pink accents to the room.


Another great idea is going with soft blues and greens like cornflower or aqua. Again, you can add pinks, yellows and white as accents to make the room comforting.

Just remember, if you want to go bold, do so with decor rather than paint. Bold colors like red can be a bit harsh for a baby, but you can easily incorporate bold style with rugs, lamps and other accessories.

Watch the video above to get more ideas on great nursery colors!

What nursery color did you pick?

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