Holiday Gift Guide for Gadget Geeks

The gadget geek in your life is probably shy, a little nerdy, and will never drop a hint about what he/she’d love for Christmas. Our holiday gift guide features all of 2012’s must-have gadgets: they run the gamut from the latest Apple creation (the iPad Mini) to a thermostat that records your temperature preferences. If you’re heading out to buy tech gifts this holiday season, this list is all you need.

Apple iPad Mini

Attention, Kindle and Nook: the Apple iPad Mini is in the building. Already hailed as the best smart tablet on the market, Apple’s newest invention is the must-have tech gift of the year. The iPad Mini is available in black/slate and white, and starts at $329; it’s available for purchase on Apple’s website.

iExpander Expansion Device

Netflix and YouTube drain smart phone memory quickly. Created by Chicago-based Charlie Corry, the iExpander Expansion Device expands an iPhone’s battery life, increases storage space, and improves the iPhone camera by adding LEDs and extending the length of the flash. How exactly you can buy one is a bit fuzzy, but the inventors can be contacted on kickstarter.

Larklife Fitness Monitor

This wristband uses algorithm sensors to distinguish between when you are walking, running or sleeping. You can plug in your exercise schedule and alarms. The ergonomic sweat-proof band is able to continuously record data and sync it to your smartphone using Bluetooth; the data is used to create suggestions for your lifestyle on the accompanying Larklife app. Buy one here.

Mojo iPhone Case

For all its merits, the iPhone 5 does lag a bit in battery power. Behold, the Mojo Hi5 Powerbank Case: it’s made of aluminum, has a slim, clean design, and boasts a 2500 mAH battery that is said to double iPhone battery power. Available for purchase at

Nest Learning Thermostat

One of the inventors behind the iPod has created an eco-friendly thermostat that monitors your comings, goings and temperature preferences. Cool gift, cool energy bills – what’s not to love? As you’d expect, you can manage and monitor it from your smart phone. More details here.

Pickup Power

One power strip to rule them all: The Pickup Power is a strip that includes three AC outlets, three USB ports and a removable battery. The thin pad, shorter than a standard 30 cm. ruler, allows you to charge all nearby electronics without crawling under sofas and desks. More details here.


Benjamin Redford of Mint Digital has created a tiny projector designed to work with Instagram. Your photos are printed onto a single slide of 35mm Kodak film. They’re then sized into a small, circular film holder that sits inside the cute retro-styled contraption. Buy one here.

Samsung Galaxy Camera

This isn’t an Android smartphone with a decent lens — it’s a pro-level camera that has a photo-retouching app and responds to voice commands such as “zoom in.” You can share photos through Samsung’s sharing service via Wi-Fi or cellular, or you can send photos directly to others whose phones support the Wi-Fi protocol. Oh, and the Android 4.1 “Jelly Bean” OS runs your Android apps. Available for purchase here.

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Holiday Gift Guide for Gadget Geeks

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