good guest tips

As important as it is to be a great host/ess, it’s super important to also be a great guest. You do want to get invited back, don’t you?

Luckily for you, being a good guest is a lot less work than being a great host and only requires a little bit of courteousness. This video offers up three ways you can offer your host a helping hand – from what to bring before the party to helping clean up.

While you can perform all three of these, even just putting one of these into effect will guarantee a permanent spot on everyone’s guest list. If you are going over to a friend’s house for a more casual gathering, always call or text beforehand to see if you can bring something like a snack, bottle of wine or entertainment. After a more formal dinner, however, you should always offer to help clean up.

Take a look at the video above for more in-depth advice that will make the party more fun for everyone.

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Do you have any foolproof “good guest tips”?

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