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Halloween. It’s close, now. If you try hard, you can probably smell it. You’re ready.

Or, at least, you think you’re ready. Chances are, you got all caught up in one aspect of Halloween–whether it’s the costume designing, or the candy buying, or the party planning–and you’re totally unprepared for the other parts of it! It’s okay. It happens to the best of us.

Lucky for you, Etsy sellers have got exactly what you need to make this Halloween perfect! Check out these ten things you need for Halloween below.

Vintage Halloween Mask Garland, $17 RawBoneStudio

halloween accessoriesNo matter how scary your costume is, it will never be as unsettling as those vintage Halloween masks from the early 20th century. They just don’t make nightmare-fuel like that anymore.

3D Jack-O-Lantern, $3.99 MOOKEEP

halloween accessoriesIf you don’t want to deal with a pumpkin, why not decorate with these 3D origami-style jack-o-lanterns? There are three different sizes, so you can create the perfect paper pumpkin for your home. Bonus: It can also be used as a mask!

Ouija Board Phone Case, $8.99+ SimpleBest

halloween accessoriesSmaller and more convenient than a traditional Ouija board, this phone case is the best way to keep in touch with the dead when you’re out on the town. Don’t be caught without it the next time you’re away from home and need to get advice from someone on the other side.

Halloween Spider Web Wreath, $35 TLNCreations

halloween accessoriesIf you were wondering if there was a way to make doilies creepy, this Etsy seller has done it. A pretty lace doily goes from dainty to spooky real quick when you add a spider.

Door Decal, $7+ RunWildVinylDesigns

halloween accessoriesA simple decal to welcome trick-or-treaters. Let the whole block know that you’re ready to pass delicious, chewy, nougat-y, bite-sized candy goodness on to any costumed person that knocks on you door!

Candy Corn Treat Pail, $2.50 CuteBoxesandBags

halloween accessoriesCostumes get all the attention during the Halloween season, but your treat pail is the one doing all of the work! After all, how else are you going to carry around all of your candy? This candy corn pail captures the spirit of Halloween, and it’s durable enough to hold your treats.

Skull Mask, $7.10 Wintercroft

halloween accessoriesDon’t be that person who doesn’t have a costume when the big day comes. This do-it-yourself printable skull mask is disconcerting enough to trick-or-treat in, and easy enough to make in a few minutes.

Bat and Moon Wall Clock, $28.90+ SolPixieDust

halloween accessoriesFull moons and bats offer a traditional, nostalgic sort Halloween horror that hearkens back to a simpler sort of scary. Which is one reason why we love this piece. The other reason we love it is because it’s also a clock.

Pumpkin Decals, $5 saralukecreative

halloween accessoriesIf you haven’t had the time to decorate your pumpkin, it’s not too late to order some of these adorable Halloween decals! They’re easy to stick on, and take the mess out of pumpkin decorating.

Spider Tattoo, $2.19 TheSpiritualCookie

halloween accessoriesThis 3D spider tattoo is so realistic, it makes our skin crawl. If you only do one creepy thing this Halloween, buy one of these temporary tattoos, wear it, then relish the terrified looks on your friends’ faces.

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What Halloween accessories do you still need to purchase?



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