The last few days of anticipation for Halloween day/night are upon us, ladies and gentlemen!

Now is the time to make your last minute decisions and adjustments for any costumes and/or parties that you will be participating in. If you are a true Halloween and Autumn lover then you take dressing up and preparing yourself for this incredibly fun “holiday,” very,very seriously – as anyone in their right mind should.

Well whether you love dressing up in the spirit of Halloween or whether you could care less, you should know that the months, weeks and days leading up this day is full of EVERYTHING Halloween. From spooky inspired movies, TV shows, songs, pumpkin flavor everything (we know, we know, this flavor is literally everywhere during this time of year) haunted hayrides, apple/pumpkin picking and even commercial ad’s; Halloween is all around us from the beginning of September until October 31st; and you secretly (or not so secretly) enjoy every minute of it.

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Here at Redesign Rev, we really look forward to this day and we want to share the funniest, spookiest and best commercials inspired by Halloween of 2014 with you.

Be ready for some spooks and some laughs:

1. The Shining – Ikea Edition Halloween

2. Reese’s Halloween

3. Jolly Rancher Halloween

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4. Dunkin’ Donuts Halloween

5. Kit Kat Halloween

6. Cheetos Halloween

7. Snickers Halloween

8. Verizon Halloween

Some of these commercials were so hilarious, some were absolutely adorable and some others were so, so scary! But each commercial was so incredibly creative in incorporating this super spooky/fun Halloween holiday with their brand and personal look.

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Which Halloween commercial was your favorite?


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