Etsy Wednesday: Cute and Scary Halloween Masks

If you’re still scrounging around for a Halloween costume, this is the post for you. Nothing beats a simple mask, but these fantastic creations from some pretty talented Etsy sellers have gone above and beyond “simple”. From spooky to cute and everywhere in between, these are our favorite Halloween masks. Check them out, and get yours before the big day!

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Skull Mask, $26.95 FreemancraftStudio

halloween mask
The skull mask. Sure it’s old school, but even after all of this time, is there anything so scary as a flesh-less face?

Gas Mask, $24 RaffaelloVintage

halloween mask
Are you my mummy? Gas masks protect the wearer from toxic gases and pollutants. They also kind of look like a parasite that latches itself onto your head and eats your face, which is way creepy.

Plague Doctor Mask, $29.95 MasquerademaskStudio

halloween mask
Considered a primitive gas mask, the iconic beak-shaped mask was filled with herbs, and worn by doctors during the black plague. It may have had its uses back in the 14th century, but these days, it’s just plain intimidating.

Squirrel Mask, $29.80 MagicMask

halloween mask
You’re not supposed to feed squirrels. . . but, how can you not? They’re so cute! With that in mind, it stands to reason that when you show up trick-or-treating at your neighbor’s door with this precious squirrel mask over your head, they won’t be able to resist giving you a share of their best candy goodies!

Monkey Mask, $75 MiesmesaBernie

halloween mask

Monkeys: scary or cute? We’ll leave it to you to decide. Even though we’re pretty sure that in this case, the answer is scary.

Baby Doll Mask, $125 FaceFactoryFx

halloween mask
Dolls are scary. ‘Nuff said. But a doll with bloody cracks in its porcelain-like face? You’re friends will definitely be impressed–not to mention unable to sleep for the rest of the week.

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Carnival Clown Mask, $135 TheIDconnection
If you were on the fence as to whether or not clowns are scary, this ought to be the deciding factor: Stephen King wrote a book about one. ‘It‘ was evil, so all clowns are evil. Excellent pick for a Halloween mask!

Devil Mask, $35 crankbunny

Start up a blazing conversation with your fellow party goers with this fancy devil mask. You’re sure to have a hell of a time!

Egyptian Jackal Mask, $175 B3leatherdesigns

Honor Anubis, the god of embalming, with this intricate mask. It’s educational and menacing at the same time.

Bat Mask, $69.99 Dinasaurclub

halloween masks

You want to go as a vampire? Pffft! Forget it! This bat mask is way better.

Zombie Mask, $550 HettyPeglars

halloween masks

Yuck. Just, yuck.

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