DIY Thursday: Awesome Props for Your Halloween Party

Some people say that Halloween is overrated. And it’s probably because they live in neighborhoods where people pass out raisins and pencils to trick-or-treaters instead of candy. We should feel sorry for those people.

But, hey. What can you do? It’s probably too late to help those Halloween Scrooges anyways, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a fantastic time. Check out these fabulous Halloween decorations that you simply must have to make your house the most haunted one on the block!


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Chicken Wire Ghost via WackyArchives

halloween party decorWhen you consider how easy and economical it is to make a ghost out of chicken wire, you’ll realize it’s a worthy investment. You don’t want to lose money on this. Or the scares.

Poison Bottle via The36thAvenue

halloween party decorEvery Halloween party needs a good stock of poisons. Create a tasteful display of these DIY poison bottles for your Halloween party, and just dare your guests to get on your bad side.

DIY Tombstones via TheHauntingGrounds

halloween party decorIf you want to throw a top shelf kind of party, you can’t skimp out on the fake tombstones. They’re cheap and easy to make, and if you’ve got some punny fake names, like Manny Kin or Myra Grett, you can have a lot of fun with them!

Paranormal Family Portraits via CountryLiving

halloween party decorMake copies of your family photos, and stick some glowing red eyes behind sister and brother. As if your relatives weren’t scary enough. . .

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Kirigami Spider Webs via BabbleDabbleDo

halloween party decorThese are the best kind of spider webs to have because they are made of paper, not yucky-feeling silk stuff. Plus they’re highly visible, so there’s almost a 0% chance that you’ll walk through them. And yet, if you stick a spider on one, like in the picture above, they’re still totally creepy. A+ on this project!

Halloween Trophies via Mizerella

halloween party decorPeople will think your costume contest is amateurish if you don’t have these skeleton trophies to hand out to the winners. Don’t be a rube.

Ghost Children Mirror via GhostHuntingTheories

halloween party decorIf you want a decoration that not only sends chills up the spines of your guests, but one that will also haunt their dreams for years to come, and possibly require therapy to cope with, look no further than this mirror with the terrifying, hollow-eyed ghost kids.

Halloween Printed Candles via SewForSoul

halloween party decorThese elegantly wicked DIY Halloween candles are perfect for any costume party or haunted house. Turn off all of the lights and light these puppies up to create a spooky atmosphere that will have your guests ready to jump out of their skin!

Pumpkin Archway via TiedAndTrueBlog

halloween party decor This adorable archway is a cinch to make, and it’s a great way to welcome trick-or-treaters. Stock up on plastic jack-o-lanterns, and you’ll be ready to start this Halloween DIY project.

Head Waiter Tray via MarthaStewart

halloween party decor Your guests will think twice before snagging some punch from this ghoulish tray. You can find the supplies at any craft store, and the uncomfortable stares of your guests will be priceless.

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What is some Halloween party decor that spooks you the most?

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