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Not that there was anything wrong with the old Hershey’s logo, but companies definitely can benefit from a rebranding every now and again – especially if you are a company as old as The Hershey Company (over 100 years!) and always competing with newer folks to stay relevant.

Despite being one of the largest chocolate and confectionery manufacturers/producers in the industry – producing everything from Reese’s Pieces to Jolly Ranchers and everything in between – one of their most recognizable confections happens to be the Hershey’s Kiss. These bite-sized morsels of goodness happen to already be a part of their current logo, but with the persisting trend of minimalism…

New Hersheys Logo

New Logo

…Well, that’s what happened. We assume it’s not the worst logo we have ever seen, nor is it all that different. The Hershey’s lettering and renewed typeface is nice and consistent, and disagree or not, we love the incorporation of 2-D flat design. It probably won’t cause as much controversy as the Airbnb logo, but there have already been some hints here and there that the kiss looks like, well… a steaming pile of poop.

Perhaps everyone’s minds need to get out of the gutter, but if you stare at it long enough, it definitely starts reminding us of that as well. And, ok, maybe the poop emoji with a ponytail.

Aside from the minimal Hershey’s kiss, there aren’t too many other problems with it, and that might just be a problem. It’s not particularly eye-catching or different. Then again, with a company of this scale, you really have to make sure you are easily identifiable around the world. While the small confectioners may be able to dazzle with flashy logos and branding, a company like Hershey’s is easily recognized and trusted to be consistent.

The new logo and identity was designed by Hershey Global Design and Cincinnati, OH-based goDutch. Take a look at the different components below.

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New Hersheys Logo 2New “Milton” typeface by Alexander Design Associates

New Hersheys Logo 3Kiss Icon Detail

New Hersheys Logo 4Branded Icon

New Hersheys Logo 5Business Cards

All images via Under Consideration

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