German architects Sören Hanft and Jens Casper were the 2009 BDA Winners in the Lower Price category (Bund Deutscher Architekten/ Association of German Architects) for their contemporary creation of a home garden residence in Oldenburg, Germany.

The architects fully utilized the surrounding nature, making sure to incorporate the mature trees residing in the large garden plot of land. Clad with a wood facade and a silvery-brown to dark gray-colored glazed larch wood, the residential structure visually blends into the natural surroundings. According to Hanft:

The horizontal slats of different widths are based in their arrangement on the number of rows of Fibonacci. While the facade of the exterior pulls over again in the interior of the boundaries between inside and outside are broken up visually. 

The house is divided into three units, which are sensitive in their planning matched (optimal) way of life and the (future) needs of residents.

What’s most notable about Hanft and Casper’s fantastic design is the asymmetric appeal that echoes all the beauty of its natural surroundings. Though I would probably feel a bit uncomfortable being so exposed to the outside.

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[via Contemporist]


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