Hole Measuring Tape by Sunghoon Jung

Hole Measuring Tape Sunghoon Jung

The Hole Measuring Tape by Sunghoon Jung is a 2012 IF Design Talents Award entry. This is a pretty innovative redesign of the traditional measuring tape with tons of new features. It allows you to draw straight lines and circles with any length and¬†circumference with precision. It’s also retractable like a traditional industrial measuring tape, so it’s much easier to store than typical rulers.


Simple, functional, and eliminates any need for traditional rulers tapes ever again. Now that’s the kind of industrial design I’m talking about!

Hole Measuring Tape Sunghoon Jung

I love innovative product designs. Maybe this product design will make it to store shelves someday! Speaking of innovation, you should also check out this cardboard vacuum design:

Student Creates Cardboard Vacuum Cleaner


What do you think does the Hole Measuring Tape design deserve an award?

[via Yanko Design]

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