Holiday Gift Guide for Upcyclers

‘Reduce, reuse, recycle’ is the poster child of eco-friendly PR mantras. But have you heard of ‘upcycling’? According to Wikipedia, it’s “the process of converting waste materials or useless products into new materials or products of better quality or for better environmental value.” Five dollar words aside, the idea is to reclaim seemingly useless objects into something functional – maybe even cool and classy. This eco-conscious trend has brought to the fore presents for bros and bird enthusiasts. Lest assured, our list isn’t upcycled – fresh off the presses, here’s Redesign Revolution’s 2012 Holiday Gift Guide for Upcyclers!

Holiday Gift Guide for Avid UpcyclersFor the Bike Nut: Bike Wheel Clock

Created from a recycled aluminum bike wheel, this gizmo mounts directly to the wall through the hub using a hollow wall anchor. The clock movement is attached to a set of rear cassette gears. Since these clocks are made from recycled bike wheels, imperfections like scratches and warping are inevitable. But that just gives it character, right? Buy online at

Holiday Gift Guide for Avid UpcyclersFor the Booze-Free Bro: IBC Root Beer Glasses Set

Know a collar-popping gent who abstains from the drink? These elegant glasses are the perfect gift: made from recycled IBC Root Beer bottles, each glass is flame-cut and polished for a smooth finished trim. Buy online at


Holiday Gift Guide for Avid UpcyclersFor the All-American: Baseball Bat Bottle Openers

Fans of this most American sport love reliving the crack of their first home runs. Help them daydream all year round with these bottle openers, handmade from authentic game-day bats swung by Major Leaguers. The openers come gift-boxed with a story card and instructions regarding its special hologram number; the number can be plugged in online to check on the bat’s game history. Buy online at

Holiday Gift Guide for Avid UpcyclersFor the Napa Dweller: Wine Bottle Double Serving Platter

Oenophiles are notoriously difficult to shop for; one sub-par bottle of Cabernet and you’re persona non grata in that friend’s life. So tread on the proverbial glass lightly with this olive green double wine bottle platter. It’s been slumped in a mold, giving it its bowl like shape. Two bottles of the same wine were used and joined during the slump fuse. Buy online at

Holiday Gift Guide for Avid UpcyclersFor the Still-Tiny-Bit-Frightened-Of-The-Dark Friend: Glass Flower Night Light

Help your fiercely eco-friendly buddy banish the black void with these brilliant garden night lights. They’re fused from recycled glass bottles, which were rescued before reaching the landfill. Handmade in the US of A! (How many Disney night-lights can say that?) Buy online at

Holiday Gift Guide for Avid UpcyclersFor the Daydreamer: Haitian Oil Drum Nesting Birds Wall Art

It’s Fair Trade! It’s beautiful! It’s free! Well, it’s not free, but these sculpted metal birds are! Each piece was made by Cineus Louime, an artist from the city of Thomazeau; each purchase helps sustain his endangered livelihood as a craftsman. (And if that’s not enough to motivate you, let me remind you about the 2010 earthquake. And the hurricanes, of 2004 and 2008.) Buy online at

Holiday Gift Guide for Avid UpcyclersFor the Billiards Player: Pool Ball Bottle Stoppers

Out of all sports (which require a modicum of control – rugby, you may leave the room), billiards and drinking seem perfect for each other. Help your pool hall fixture by gifting these pool hall fixtures!  Each is made of tossed-out pool balls and is one of a kind. Handmade in Tennessee. Buy online at

Holiday Gift Guide for Avid UpcyclersFor the Charm Queen/King: Vintage Earring Magnet Set

Beautiful and funky magnets are a classy stocking stuffer for your favorite quirk-ster. The twist? These unique baubles are made from baubles – the magnets are made from vintage (so imperfect) earrings. Only a limited amount are available, so snatch ’em up while they’re still for sale. Buy online at

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Holiday Gift Guide for Upcyclers


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