Holiday Gift Guide for Eco Lovers

Everyone’s got a friend who makes hemp bracelets; donates money, instead of giving birthday presents, in their friend’s name to milk cows in Lagos; and gets everyone together for dinner at a vegan restaurant. Not that there’s anything wrong with this – in a world endangered by the draining of natural resources, the eco-friendly decisions of these friends are ever more appealing. But Christmas is nothing if not all about consumer goods, so why not give your favorite do-gooder a gift with a conscience? Presenting Redesign Revolution’s 2012 holiday gift guide for eco-lovers!

Holiday Gift Guide for Eco LoversFor My-Compost-Heap-Reeks-But-My-House-Does-Not Eco-Lover: Lite+Cycle Compostable Vetiver Candle

Cultivated in Haiti without pesticides or chemical fertilizers, the vetiver oil is steam-distilled for safe aromatherapy. Plus, the candle is fully compostable. Buy online at

Holiday Gift Guide for Eco LoversFor the Mod Freegan: The Re-Ply Chair

Boxes are cut into panels, stacked, and cut to shape with a jigsaw or band-saw, and a nontoxic, water-based wood glue is rolled between the four-ply layers, which are then pressed over a mold; once the glue sets, the curved shell is folded in half. Some fancy origami later, a chair made entirely from cardboard emerges. It doesn’t get cooler than this. Buy online at

Holiday Gift Guide for Eco LoversFor the Straight-Outta-Portlandia Eco-Lover: Mini Flowerpots for Your Bicycle

Yes, you read that correctly. Atlanta-based designer Colleen Jordan was inspired by the flowerpots Volkswagen Beetle dashboards. These made-to-order 3-D printed vessels attach to a bike frame with an elastic cord. Jordan recommends using a clipping from a succulent or a large air plant. Since they’re made from polyamide, a porous material, excess water drains out of the bottom. Buy online at

Holiday Gift Guide for Eco LoversFor the Spatially Minimalist Eco-Lover: The Bübi Bottle

It’s got a giggle-inducing name, but middle school jokes aside, this is one nifty vessel. With every sip you take, the bottle collapses into a smaller package, like a toothpaste tube, eventually rolling up into a ball the size of your palm. Plus, the Bübi is made from thick BPA-free silicone. Available in assorted electric colors and two sizes at

Holiday Gift Guide for Eco LoversFor the Let-There-Be-Light Eco Lover: BioLite Camp Stove

Step aside, Prometheus – this little camp stove converts heat from the fire into usable electricity! Whether your eco-lover is camping , hosting a cozy patio party or stranded by a natural disaster, the stove will recharge cell phones, lights and other gadgets. In the tradition of the Toms business model, each unit sold subsidizes the cost of a BioLite stove in the developing world. Buy online at

Holiday Gift Guide for Eco LoversFor the Charge-On-The-Go Eco-Lover: ECOXPOWER Charger

This toy deserves the ‘gizmo’ label: Attach this to the wheels of your bicycle and it will charge cell phones, iPods and GPS devices. A handlebar mount keeps the gadgets safe and in view, and the system also powers front and back LED lights for added safety. Buy online at


Holiday Gift Guide for Eco LoversFor the Mixologist Eco-Lover: The Mason Jar Cocktail Shaker

Trust a pair of Southern boys to jumpstart the next hipster drinking trend: Eric Prum and Josh Williams have created a unique screw top, which fits on a standard Ball jar, and turns any ol’ Mason jar into an instant cocktail shaker – no fancy bits and pieces from Crate & Barrel necessary. Buy online at

Holiday Gift Guide for Eco LoversFor the Eco-Lover Who Gives a Crap: Elephant Poo Paper

One more reason to love Dumbo: The Great Elephant Poo Poo Paper Company has been turning poo to paper since 2002 (really). Making stationery, notebooks and greeting cards from elephant dung, the folks at Poo Poo give a portion of profits to benefit elephant welfare and conservation. Buy online at

Holiday Gift Guide for Eco LoversFor the Neat-Freak Eco-Lover:  Staple-Free Stapler

This one boggles my mind: the nifty device acts as a stapler by folding and binding paper without actually using a staple. Methinks the folks at Dunder-Mifflin would have a heart attack. Buy online at

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Holiday Gift Guide for Eco Lovers


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