If you’re looking for the epitome of elegance and class, you should think less in color and more in texture and detail.

While a lot of colors is a great way showcase a fun personality and zany vibe, keeping to neutrals with intricate detailing is an aesthetic welcomed by many – which is so important when you are having a dinner party.

A guest should always appreciate the effort you put into a tablescape, but it shouldn’t be the center of conversation. Well, if it looks like this it might just be!
You will surely be the hostess with the mostess at your next Christmas brunch or New Year’s Eve dinner if you set your table according to this video. It’s the perfect setting or family, friends or even business if that’s what you’ll be stuck doing!

While at first glance, it all appears to be white, upon closer inspection you notice the shiny silver metals in the centerpieces of the table. This adds some much needed bling while staying in the same tone. How wonderful is that?

One look at your holiday tablescape and you will have friends phoning you for advice before every gathering!

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What will your holiday tablescape look like?


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