The average home has its HVAC and heating systems constantly bringing in a fresh air for the household to enjoy. Day in and day out air comes in and made as cool or as hot as needed to make you feel comfortable. Fresh air comes into a home clean, and it is the system that makes it that way. Home air filters work as protective barriers set up to keep the fresh air coming in clean and harmful airborne particles out. An air system needs its filters, and the filters need maintenance if you want to keep your home clean.

Air Filters Become Dirty

Air filters actually consist of a tight mesh weaving designed to trap and absorb passing by particles. Fresh air is able to pass through the openings but anything else trying to travel through becomes stuck. Over time the air filter will start to accumulate particles, becoming dirtier and dirtier in the process. Dirty air filters start to lose openings, until they are completely covered in particles and unable to process fresh air efficiently. When air flow cannot travel efficiently then the real issues start popping up throughout a home.

Air Flow Affects the Air You Breathe

Fresh air flow is important to any household, it keeps the home comfortable and healthy to live in. When filters stop fresh air from coming inside then the result is dry, stagnant air throughout a home. Dry air is only uncomfortable to breathe, it is also bad for the lungs and can cause issues to develop over time. Airflow also comes through more than one system, the heating system needs clean filters in order to push the heated air through without incident. Air filter maintenance prevents stagnant air and makes sure a home stays the same temperature as it says on a thermostat.

Dirty Air Filters Cost Money

Blocked airflow causes the system works to compensate by increasing its power usage. As the power draw grows so does energy bill at the end of the month, a dirty filter can cost thousands in long run. A dirty old filter is easily replaced monthly with air filter delivery by buying from a reliable vendor. Most common sizes are 20x20x1 air filters and 16x25x1 air filters. If a filter is washable, then it needs cleaning, maintenance should be consistent to avoid issues.

Certain Homes Need New Air Filters

Air filters are essential to keeping the indoor air quality of a home up and the possible allergens and contaminants out. Certain areas are worse than ever, especially in terms of pollution like smoke or areas full of pollen in the spring or summer months. Air filters help the air quality flowing inside a home too, which is invaluable for a household with smokers or pets.



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