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How Long Does it Take to Remodel a Small Bathroom

Redo a Small Bathroom – Rebuild Your Bathroom

A bathroom is an essential part of the house. Just like other places in the house that are used regularly, it sometimes needs to be worked on. After being used for a while, lots of people make attempts at remodeling their bathroom. While this is not so difficult, not everyone knows how long it is expected to last.

When remodeling a bathroom, if things must go exactly according to plan, you will need to come up with an estimate of how long this project will last. This is very important. Nonetheless, a lot of people struggle to get it done the right way.

A bathroom is a very important part of the house and lots of families will find it difficult to cope if their bathroom does not get ready after a fairly long while. The only time a family will be comfortable having their bathroom unavailable for a long time is if they have other bathrooms available.

What Factors Affect Remodeling Time

Although lots of people expect bathroom remodeling to go according to plan, more often than not, they do not go the way they are expected to. There are lots of factors responsible for your schedule not falling into place. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Who is doing the Work?

Are you handling the job of remodeling your bathroom on your own or are you letting professionals handle it? A lot of homeowners choose to do the job of remodeling their bathroom on their own. While this can help them save some money, it can go a long way in slowing down the pace at which a bathroom can be remodeled.

The type of remodeling work being done in the bathroom also has a major role in how long the remodeling project will last. The time you will spend in a strip-to-the-studs rebuild will be different from the time you will spend when carrying out a cosmetic remodeling. This can last a couple of days or a few months.

The type of contractor you work with will go a long way in determining how quickly you get the job done. Some contractors are owner-operators and will get the job done by themselves. Others, however, will have to subcontract different positions to carpenters, plumbers, and electricians.

If you choose to work with one owner-operator, you most likely will not be spending a lot of money. Nonetheless, you will be spending a lot of time before bathroom remodeling is completely done. The reason for this is there is a big chance you are not the only one they will work for at a time. You, therefore, will not get all the attention you need.

How available are the Materials Needed

There are various materials needed for remodeling. Some are usually readily available, others, however, have to be ordered for specially. The process of waiting for the order to be delivered can make a bathroom remodeling project last longer than expected.

If you carry out a bathroom remodeling project on your own, it might be difficult to tell how long the project will last. On the other hand, if you are working with an experienced contractor that has the right subcontractors, getting an estimate will be easy.

All things being equal, when remodeling a small bathroom, 23 days will be ideal to get the work done. If you do not work during weekends, you will be spending slightly over a week on the job. Nonetheless, real situations do not always go as planned. You, therefore, will be spending more time in remodeling a bathroom.

Be Ready for Unforeseen Circumstances

When you work with the right contractor, you can always have and stick to a timetable. This is because everything is expected to go according to plan and artisans are expected to report for work early, materials arrive when they are needed, and no one gets ill. Things, however, do not always go according to plan.

Stages of Remodeling a Small Bathroom

Remodeling a bathroom is done in stages. These stages can be broken down to three. They are the design stage, the stage of ordering materials, and the constriction stage.


This is a stage that should last between week one and week four. It is a vital stage for any bathroom remodeling work to be carried out. This is the stage in which you come up with what you want before speaking with a contractor. If you have no plans, your contractor will give you what they think is good for your bathroom and you just might not be comfortable with it.

Once you have your design ready, take time to go through it with your contractor. From your design, your contractor can come up with an estimate of how long the project should last.

Order Materials

As soon as you are done with your design and have reached an agreement on the amount you will be paying, the next thing will be to order materials. This can be done by either the contractor or the owner of the building. The ordering stage can be quite long. Furthermore, at this point, you must note that the place you are getting materials will have a major effect on how long this stage turns out to be. If you will be getting materials from overseas, then, you will need to exercise a lot of patience as it will cause this stage to last longer.

Regardless of how far away materials for the remodeling of a bathroom come from, the process of ordering materials should last between 1-8 weeks.

The Main Construction Stage

This stage is one that is expected last for 2 -5 weeks. A lot of people make the mistake of assuming it is the only stage when making an estimate for a bathroom remodeling project. It, however, is one of the three stages.

This stage begins with the demolition of the bathroom area. It should last about a day or two. As soon as the already existing bathroom is taken down, the layout of the new bathroom is made and the design is changed to an actual bathroom. This is followed closely by plumbing, as well as electrical jobs.

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