Ikea Sleepover

You heard correctly. You can now sleep in Ikea.

If we’re being honest here, this is definitely something everyone has thought of doing at least once. You arrive at the home furnishings superstore ready and eager, but as the day progresses, the hours wind down, and disagreements ensue (with parents, your significant other, etc.) there is nothing you find more enticing then plopping down on a showroom couch or bed and taking a nap.

As a matter of fact, just that has been happening at IKEAs all over China. According to The Huffington Post, 8 out of the world’s 10 largest Ikea stores happen to be in China. Designed with more room displays, this is due to the fact that customers tend to stay in IKEA all day long and plop down for a nap. You would think that store management would intervene in this behavior, but apparently they do no such thing – almost encouraging shoppers to stay and “try it out” by marking furniture signs with invitations.

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While this has been happening in China, the idea has yet to spread – until now.

IKEA has teamed up with Airbnb to invite three groups of people to stay in three of their (extra-comfy) showrooms on August 31 at an IKEA in Sydney, Australia. While the idea is obviously outlandish, we do not doubt the popularity around this listing. Featuring three themes – Modern Elegance, Inner City Living, and Rustic Charm – people must apply to win by signing up for Airbnb, mainly describing their family, and why they think they should win.

This is no “Night at the Museum”, however. With TVs, PlayStations, free breakfast, and more the experience almost makes us want to hop on over to Australia.

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Ikea Sleepover

Ikea Sleepover

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