100% Organic Inkbox Temporary Tattoos Last Two Weeks

organic inkbox temporary tattoosDon’t want to commit to a tattoo design you’re not so sure you’ll love down the road? Temporary tattoos have always been a pain-free, cheap, and remorse-free option, but now the designs just got more realistic and last a lot longer on your skin.

Canadian startup Inkbox created a 100 percent organic, fruit-based formula for temporary tattoos, which takes just 10 minutes to apply and can last up to 15 days. Safe for all ages, the tattoos contain ink from Genipa Americana fruit, which dyes the top layer of your skin black over a 12-hour period and lasts for a couple weeks before fading.


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Even better? Because the ink’s ingredients are derived from a Panamanian fruit, a portion of the sales are donated to the Darién Initiative, a nonprofit that provides community and agricultural support to tribes in the region. The Embera-Wounaan and Kuna tribes have been dying their skin with the pulp of the Genipa American fruit for thousands of years, which is where Inkbox got the idea and the ingredients.

Prior to their Kickstarter campaign, Inkbox supplied an earlier version of the fruit-based tattoo, which are currently still available, but they have to be refrigerated and take two hours to apply. Their next round of tattoos come in seven different sizes (to fit designs anywhere from 0.5 inches to 5 inches), and retail at $14 for a stock design and start at $36 for a custom design.

organic inkbox temporary tattoosA typical Inkbox kit contains four layers: a reusable adhesive stencil, cotton with the organic ink formula, another layer of cotton to protect your hands from stains, and a fourth layer to hold it all together. The cotton layer releases the active Inkbox formula onto your skin when wet with a damp cloth like other temporary tattoos. While the inking takes 10 minutes to apply with the shape of the stencil, the tattoo needs 12 more hours to appear on the skin. According to Inkbox, it works by “reacting with organic compounds in your skin, effectively turning the structural proteins in the top layer of your skin black.”

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organic inkbox temporary tattoosHowever, unlike traditional temporary tattoos that sit on top of your skin, the Inkbox tattoos sit in your skin similar to a real tattoo by staining the epidermis (the first layer of skin). Real tattoos stain the dermis (second layer), but because the organic compounds in the epidermis tissue turn black after 12 hours, the tattoos last longer than other temporary tattoos. Real tattoos last longer because the dermis doesn’t exfoliate like the epidermis.

See how it works:

Images and video via Inkbox

Want a cool geometric design or even a partial sleeve? With 300 designs to choose from, Inkbox’s temporary tattoo possibilities are endless. With its additional resources, inkbox plans to include colored ink and custom tattoos, so you can even upload and order your own design or create one from scratch by tracing images, text, and shapes. If you’re an artist, Inkbox hopes to eventually help sell your designs via their curated tattoo marketplace. Find out more via the Inkbox website.

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