Everyone’s got their personal favorite design style, and today, ours is all about the industrial look!

Seriously, you’ve gotta love the sharp lines and the beautiful combinations of wood and metal that the industrial style has to offer. These handsome pieces look vintage and modern all at once. We think you’ll love that as much as we do!

Iron Pipe Lamp, $225 newwineoldbottles

industrial decorLight up a room with this interesting lamp. Eclectic and slightly steampunk, the faucet works as a switch to control the vintage style bulbs.

Faucet Air Plant Holder, $26 SucculentCharm

industrial decorThis industrial style planter is a piece of art, and it’s the perfect tiny garden for those of us who don’t have green thumbs. The air plant comes with the piece, and all you have to do is mist it with water.

Industrial Farmhouse Table, $605+ EmmorWorks

industrial decorDitch the bulky, outdated dining table in favor of this sleek, industrial style one. Using a combination of industrial metal and distressed wood, this sturdy piece of furniture is both modern, and farmhouse chic.

Industrial Pipe Bookshelf, $42.50 CoronoConceptsCo

industrial decorThis industrial pipe bookshelf is way sturdier than one of those plastic book cases. And it looks way better, too. Give your books and movies the support they need, and your home the design it deserves, with this lovely shelf.

Rustic Industrial Serving Tray, $90 DunnRusticDesigns

industrial decorWine and cheese taste so much better when served from a pretty tray. If your an industrial loving host/hostess, don’t be caught without this rustic style serving tray.

Industrial Style Desk, $325 ChalkeandHome

industrial decorGet your important work done on this table top style desk. Enjoy lots of elbow room when you’re hard at work, and the statement it makes in your home office.

Reclaimed Wood Bed, $1,750+foundpurpose

industrial decorStudies have shown that you get a better night’s rest when the bed frame you’re sleeping on is super cool and gorgeous. Okay, we actually have no studies to prove this, but it seems legit.

“Wine Wall” Wine Rack, $50 AmericanSteampunkCo

industrial decorWine and design–two of our favorite things! Keep those bottles up off the counter with this stylish, space-saving industrial wine rack.

Repurposed Coney Island Boardwalk Chandelier, $925+ urbanchandy

pho1Made from repurposed wood from the Coney Island boardwalk, this industrial style chandelier is unlike any other. Perfect for above the island or bar in your kitchen.

Industrial Modern Bar Stools, $140 TheWhiteShanty

industrial decorIf you’ve got a breakfast bar in your kitchen, then you’re going to need bar stools. These industrial modern stools are what you should be sitting on when you enjoy a hearty breakfast, or a nice cold brew.

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