Infrared Photography by David Keochkerian
Infrared Photography, © David Keochkerian

Colossal got it right when they described the infrared photography by France-based photographer David Koechkerian as “bizarre, saturated landscapes created from a Dr. Seuss illustration.” We are entranced by the series of landscape photos that Keochkerian has taken. This particular photo is entitled “My Magical Railway,” and was taken in Amiens, Somme, France. It looks like a seen taken right out of the latest Alice in Wonderland film. We’re almost anticipating the Mad Hatter popping out from outside the photo at any moment.

You can follow David Keochkerian on 500px or Flickr. He also has a Facebook page for those who want beautiful infrared photography to flood their newsfeed.

For prints of certain photographs, contact the photographer directly.

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 Have you ever tried infrared photography?


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