instagram landscape and portrait photosIn addition to the iconic squares Instagrammers have grown accustomed to, Instagram recently announced that users will now be able to upload landscape and portrait oriented photos and videos to the platform. Now you won’t have to crop out a friend at the edge of a group photo or part of those stunning Golden Gate Bridge or Eiffel Tower shots.

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Since Instagram’s inception, the perfectly proportioned square has forced photographers—amateurs and professionals alike—to be more strategic and thoughtful when it comes to capturing and uploading their compositions, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It even triggered Apple to add a square option to the iPhone camera app with iOS 7.

instagram landscape and portrait photosWhile squares are undeniably beautiful in a grid and feed format, it isn’t so easy to stick to a standardized aspect ratio when shooting or uploading photos and videos you’ve got stored on your smartphone. In fact, they can be a creative restraint; apparently, nearly one in five photos or videos had previously been posted with some form of black or white padding on the side (in what is called “the full bleed treatment”) to make horizontal and vertical photos feel more native to the platform. These types of photos will now extend to the edge of your phone’s screen instead as the service’s iOS and Android apps allow users to share images and videos in a variety of aspect ratios.

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Instagram is particularly excited about what these changes can mean for users uploading videos. While the image-sharing platform has previously offered separate types of filters for photos and videos, widescreen videos can be more cinematic now that all filters will work on both types. The filter intensity can even be adjusted for videos as well.

When choosing a photo or video, you can now tap the format icon to adjust the orientation to portrait or landscape instead of square to preserve a photo’s original orientation. Once shared, the full-sized version of the photo will be integrated seamlessly into feeds to offer a compelling visual experience. The posts will also appear as a center-cropped squares in your profile grid to keep it streamlined and clean, providing the consistent Polaroid-inspired aesthetic Instragrammers have always loved.

Instagram Video in Landscape – Examples from Instagram on Vimeo.

Photos and video via Instagram

Instagram hopes these changes will inspire a whole new level of creativity from the platform community. To learn more about the changes, visit the Instagram Help Center or the Instagram blog.

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What do you think of these changes to your Instagram feed?


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