Apple had a big press conference today to introduce the iPhone 5, and–well, it wasn’t anticlimatic at all. Never mind that you’re still looking at an iPhone. It’s still okay to get excited over a phone that’s 18% thinner and 20% lighter than their old iPhones. There’s no mocking the extra half-inch on the Retina Display, though. That means iPhone users now get an extra row of icons on their display. The calendar can also show a complete five-day span. That’s pretty helpful. Also, the back of the new iPhone is now made up of more metal than glass. That’ll save a few iPhones from their drunken clumsy owners.

That’s about it on the design end, although a lighter iPhone is actually an important design element in itself. We’ve never given much thought to the size of our dock connector, but that’s going to become 80% smaller. That might be good news. We’re mostly thinking about all the cables and speaker docks that just became obsolete. And while your movies on iPhone may look better with 44% more color saturation, you’re not going to get much pleasure in accessorizing your iPhone colors. Apple still figures that all the iPhone users want to live in a black-and-white world. At least the company’s proud of the new iPhone’s “diamond cut chamfered edges.”

Otherwise, you’ll have to get creative with gussying up the iPhone 5 on your own. Start mulling that over while marking your calendar to place your Apple store preorder on Friday, September 14th–which is, like, the day after tomorrow, so start scrounging for change in the sofa right now.

What’s your opinion about the new features of iPhone 5? Love it? Bored?



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