Have some time to kill on your commute to work? Check out these amazing and addicting iPhone games. But that’s not all. They’re not just fun. They’re each an incredibly aesthetic experience and a true pleasure to play.

1. Letter Go

iphone games roundup
This freshly released game won’t be under the radar for long so hurry and get downloading. Besides the pretty pastels and funky animation, Letter Go has one of the most gratifying soundtracks in iOS gaming. Bonus: watch the super-fun trailer here. /$FREE

2. Monument Valley

 iphone games roundup
An interesting twist on a classic puzzle game, Monument Valley is an experience to be had. It is also easily one of the most beautiful games on any mobile platform. It’s relatively easy to play but don’t get too comfortable, some parts get pretty tricky. It is also the winner of the Apple Design Award of 2014 – that’s a pretty big deal. / $3.99

3. Threes!

iphone games roundup
The lesser known predecessor to the popular 2048, Threes! is an addicting game of numbers. Besides helping pass the time and teaching you the powers of three, it is a beautiful and clean visual treat. / $1.99

4. The Wolf Among Us

iphone games roundup
The Wolf Among Us is less game and more story – which is always fun. You play as the Big Bad Wolf (Bigby) in this fairytale themed knock-out. The art-style is detailed and impressive for a mobile platform and the story will get you hooked immediately. Careful, though, this game is a freemium but wildly worth-it. /$FREE (+ in-app purchases)

5. Ridiculous Fishing

iphone games roundup
Ridiculous Fishing was truly created with design in mind. Not only is the game-play fun and captivating, but Alec Meer of MacWorld even went so far as to call it “…one of the finest games of the App Store.” /$2.99

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Which of these gorgeous games will you download?


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