Iwan Baan Photographs Chicago for City’s Inaugural Architecture Biennial

iwan baan photographyProviding a platform for groundbreaking architectural projects and spatial experiments, the inaugural Chicago Architecture Biennial is on a mission to showcase how creativity and innovation can radically transform our lived experiences. As part of the event’s launch for the chosen theme of ‘The State of the Art of Architecture,’ Iwan Baan, one of today’s distinguished architecture photographers, was called upon to document the city.

Iwan Baan has worked closely with a range of prominent architects, such as Herzog & de Meuron and Rem Koolhaas, investigating architectural details that shape everyday life. The world-renowned Dutch photographer created two photo series for the Chicago event: a set of aerial photos focusing on the city’s industrial landscape and a second, street-level collection inspired by the work of Alvin Boyarsky.


His beautiful aerial photography captures Chicago is a realm of architectural possibility, spotlighting the city’s key landmarks set against the broader cityscape and highlighting its ongoing industrial role.

iwan baan photography

iwan baan photography

iwan baan photography

iwan baan photographyPhotos by Iwan Baan courtesy of Chicago Architecture Biennial

A vision of Mayor Rahm Emanuel for a major international architectural event, the Chicago Architecture Biennial is North America’s largest international survey of contemporary architecture, and an outcome of the comprehensive cultural plan developed by Chicago’s Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events.

“The city of Chicago has left an indelible mark on the field of architecture, from the world’s first modern skyscraper to revolutionary urban designs,” said Mayor Rahm Emanuel. “The Chicago Architecture Biennial offers an unprecedented chance to celebrate the architectural, cultural, and design advancements that have collectively shaped our world.”

The Chicago Architecture Biennial will span a total of three months, launching on October 3, 2015 and remaining open to the public until January 3, 2016. Through a constellation of exhibits, full-scale installations, and program of events, the public is invited to engage with and think about architecture in new and unexpected ways, and to take part in a global discussion about the future of the field.

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