It seems that especially within the last year, we have simply fallen in love with Jay Pharoah. Is he or is he not amazing at impressions and maybe, probably, definitely your current favorite Saturday Night Live cast member? Well, he’s ours, especially after this hilarious and endless-laughter inducing video in which he collaborated with Orbit and Mashable for National Coffee Day on September 30th.

While the National Coffee Holiday may have passed, we are still in the swing of Fall.

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Of course, it’s well-known that this season is gorgeous. The leaves, the crisp weather, the… pumpkin spice latte?! The drink – which almost didn’t come to be due to making any and all coffee flavor disappear – actually celebrated 11 years of seasonal existence this Fall. While yes, it’s deliciousness cannot be challenged, it cannot be denied that the drink has reached such heights, that it’s almost… dare we say, embarassing to order?

With a flurry of social media attention every Autumn, typically in the form of cringe-worthy tweets from “basics” – typically signifying someone/thing who is vapid, boring, uninteresting, or just like everyone else – who are way too excited for the pumpkin spice latte or #PSL for their own good (maybe health).

Luckily for us, it looks like Pharoah himself is quite sick of these basic tweets, too. In this hilarious video, all the comedian/actor/rapper sets out to do is make great impressions and respond with his own personal commentary. The outcome? So freakin’ hilarious.

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Please watch this and we can assure an instant mood boost. Unless, of course your tweets looks like this. In which case… sorry.

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What do you think about Pumpkin Spice Lattes?


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