Blame it on my creative tendencies an aspirations to be an artist just like my father, but as a kid, I was truly a terror.

Especially when I was left free to roam my house with a Crayola or marker in hand. I really did believe the world was my canvas and my parents’ couches and walls paid the ultimate price.

That’s why this recyclable cardboard furniture for kids is the ultimate life saver. Never worry about investing too much money in kids’ furniture they will eventually outgrow or (probably) ruin. Admit it. It’s genius.

Luckily The Cardboard Guys – three recent graduates from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo – started a Kickstarter to launch the “Kids Imagination Furniture” line. Unsurprisingly, it received some pretty great support with 361 backers that pledged $28,099!

As the page describes it, it’s “fun, functional and environmentally friendly”.

That brings us to our net point, not only does it make sense for your little kiddos, but it makes sense for the planet as well. This furniture is flat-packed, light and easy to assemble. This means less hassle for everyone involved.

Also, who can deny how interesting it would be to watch these pieces of furniture transform from being blank canvases to an awesome little creation or art project?

Kids are encouraged to scribble, “go outside of the lines” (or paper), or make elaborate creations. Take a look below for some images of this awesome idea.

kids imagination furniture the cardboard guys 1 kids imagination furniture the cardboard guys 2 kids imagination furniture the cardboard guys 2 kids imagination furniture the cardboard guys 4

Images via Kickstarter

Not only is it all the great things mentioned above, but as you can see it can also hold a whole lot of weight. Never worry about your kids’ furniture getting destroyed again! At least, not for now…

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