lucy-by-solenica sunlight reflectorFor those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, every bit of sunlight is sacred in the winter. Fortunately, an ultra portable, Italian-designed device by Solenica called Lucy can brighten up even the darkest corners of a room with natural light. Using solar power, Lucy’s smart, adaptive mirror within a sphere works all day long to reflect rays of sunshine into your home.

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Startup Solenica creates accessible natural interior lighting systems. Their first product, Lucy, is a robot with a minimalist design that takes advantage of one of our largest natural resources—the sun. Lucy grew as a passion project for Solenica CEO Diva Tommei during her time at Cambridge University in England, where she experienced Seasonal Affective Disorder. Determined to help people like herself overcome the disorder, she wanted to come up with an easy way to redirect the sun into darkened rooms. So she created technology that could capture the power of the sun and reflect it anywhere instead of relying on artificial light to illuminate residences like her dorm room.

lucy-by-solenica sunlight reflectorSince it’s designed to be positioned indoors or outdoors without any intrusive installations required, the device can be placed absolutely anywhere. Through an algorithm based on smartly positioned photosensors, Lucy can redirect sunlight wherever you need sunlight to be (a point established by the user) by following the sun.

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Lucy’s intelligent mirror is built within a 30 cm sphere, and follows the sun during all hours of the day, reflecting its light into places where the sun might not typically shine. The device is powered by the sun, and can also be connected to your smartphone, so you can control what portion of a room has light during the day.

lucy-by-solenica sunlight reflectorThe device distributes natural light and can also help you save money on your energy bill and reduce your carbon footprint by up to one ton per year. Solenica plans to further develop Lucy by giving it the ability to be remotely controlled and integrated into your smart home with Intelligent Power Management systems.

This is Lucy from Solenica on Vimeo.

Images and video via Solenica

Natural sunlight is vital to our productivity, sleep, and mental health, which is why Lucy is such a positive use of technology. It’ll not only brighten up our dimly lit rooms, but it’ll also keep us healthy, happy human beings, even in the winter when sunlight is a precious commodity. Visit the website for more details.

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