Lyle & Scott Unveils bPay Contactless Jacket for Men

Lyle & Scott’s bPay Contactless JacketForget your wallet? No worries. Paying for everyday items with the wave of a hand just got easier with British retailer Lyle & Scott’s bPay Contactless Jacket using bPay. Partnering with Barclaycard to develop the latest high-end menswear jacket, the digital wallet is in the cuff of the cool weather wearable.

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A new bPay initiative banishes the need to cards or mobile devices using contactless technology. Designed for tough weather, the hooded, 100 percent cotton jacket is only available for UK customers (at a cost of £150 and available in Admiral Blue and True Black colors) at the moment. The small bPay chip tucks into a pocket inside the cuff, and is unidentifiable from any other cuff. UK customers will now be able to make payment transactions up to £30 (over the recently raised limit of £20) by waving the right-hand cuff of the jacket over supported contactless readers.

Lyle & Scott’s bPay Contactless JacketThe hidden bPay chip can be linked to any registered Visa or Mastercard debit or credit card, and the chip is valid for up to two years. Because the payments come with the same fraud protection applied to contactless cards, some say the bPay chip is safer than carrying cash and just as secure as any credit and debit card. If the coat or chip is stolen, users can quickly shut down their contactless chip via the ‘bpay’ mobile app or website remotely.

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Lyle & Scott’s bPay Contactless JacketPhotos via Lyle & Scott

Over 300,000 shops, bars, restaurants and stations across the UK currently accept contactless payments, so the collaborative wearable item is definitely something people will want to use on a regular basis to buy everyday things like morning coffee or a taxi or bus trip across town.

The Lyle & Scott Contactless Jacket is the latest in a string of releases to popularize bPay technology. Last December, Barclaycard introduced prototype gloves that allowed shoppers to pay for in-store purchases or travel with just the swipe of their hand using bPay. The Contactless Jacket went on sale earlier this month from Lyle & Scott’s flagship store on Carnaby Street in London and online store (shipping is free but UK only).

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