I came across Gonul Yetim’s work by pure accident, while searching for inspiration for my next post. And boy, what a find it was! Gonul, who goes by PinSerissa on Etsy, is a Brooklyn-based Artist who makes terraniums and other low maintenance home decor with plants. She found inspiration especially in the Marimo plant, and has made a series of ball-shaped aquariums designed around it. She sells these marimo terrariums on Etsy at an affordable rate. These pieces are perfect for the busy urbanite, as it is small, simple, and an easy to maintain. If you have $30 dollars (or less!) in your pocket, you can have one of these lovely terrariums mailed to your apartment!

What is Marimo?

Marimo are moss balls originating from the the northern hemisphere, primarily, Iceland, Scotland, Estonia, and Japan. They are a very rare underwater plant; they are algae that grow into large green balls with a rather velvety appearance. They grow on the bottom of the lake, where the gentle sway of the currents helps to form their unique round shape. Marimo are particularly important in Japanese culture, due to its rapidly declining population in the Japanese region. According to Gonul,

The Japanese believe that Marimo will bring good luck and see it as a symbol of everlasting love. It is also said that taking excellent care of your pet Marimo will make all your wishes come true.

How to care for Marimo Terrariums?

Domestic marimo like the ones in Gonul’s terrariums grow in tap water at room temperature, and they are very durable, provided that the water in the terrarium is changed every one or two weeks (more frequently in the summer and less frequently in the winter). Normal household light is just enough to nurture this plant. Marimo grow at a rate of 5mm a year.

Marimo Moss Ball Aquariums by Gönül Yetim

The Marimo Moss Ball Double Aquarium is about 3.5 inches high and 7 inches wide. Each aquarium comes with a piece of a sea fan, and you can choose to customize the medium (sand, frost green mix glass beads, or brown pebbles). This is sold for $26 + $5 shipping.

pictures of terrariums

The Marimo Moss Ball Miniature Light Bulb Aquarium on Driftwood is my favorite of the bunch! A standard sized light bulb that is permanently attached to a piece of driftwood, so the size varies, as no light bulb aquarium will be like another. This is sold for $26 + $6.50 shipping.

pictures of terrariums

Marimo Moss Ball Aquarium with Giant Marimo, Marimo Nano, sea fan, and sea shells is the most complicated of the bunch, as it includes both giant and small marimo balls, sea fan, pebbles, and sea shells in a globe. The globe is measured roughly 5.5″ in diameter. This globe is sold for $35 + $11.35 shipping.

pictures of terrariums

The Marimo Moss Ball Miniature Aquarium is only 3″ high, but its simplicity is attractive to any minimalist. It is sold for $20 + #5 shipping.

pictures of terrariums

The Marimo Moss Ball Small Pyramid Aquarium, with sea glass and marbles, is 2.5″ high and 3″ at its widest point. You can choose between orange and blue marbles or a “little friend” to accompany the Marimo. The small pyramid aquarium is sold for $20 + $5 shipping.

pictures of terrariums

The Marimo Moss Ball Small Cube Aquarium is a 2.5″ cube. You have your choice between sand, frost green glass beads, brown pebbles, or black pebbles to accompany the Marimo. This is sold for $20 + $5 shipping.


All images are found on Etsy.


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