Elefont Letter T

Elefont letter B

The alphabet is definitely one of the most useful tools we have; communicating without it would be impossibly hard.  But looking at the same letters day after day gets pretty boring.  And when it comes to teaching the alphabet to kids, it can be tricky getting them to pay attention to weird, uninteresting combinations of little lines.  Cool alphabets exist out there, called font families, but even those are still lines, and still boring.

Swiss designer Mirko Humbert just made the alphabet a lot more fun by designing the “Elefont.”  To make this super cute typography, Humbert drew some pictures of elephants making the shapes of the letters with his trunk, and then colored them in using Photoshop.  What makes this alphabet even more adorable is that he came up with the idea when he started teaching the alphabet to his son.  I wish I had pictures of cute baby elephants using their trunks to make the letters when I was learning to read.  Hanging up a regular outfit wouldn’t really do much for a kid’s room design-wise, but hanging up some prints of some of these Elefont letters would be a great way to add some artwork to a nursery that is also functional.

Here are some of our favorite letters, and you can check out the rest of the alphabet, and order prints, here.

Elefont letter G

Elefont Letter T

Elefont Letter Y

Would you use the Elefont?

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