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misoka toothbrush nanotechWhat if you didn’t have to use toothpaste to keep your teeth clean and minty fresh? Thanks to nanotechnology, we can!

Japanese designer Kosho Ueshima of The Industrial Design Studio created Misoka, a clear, plastic handled toothbrush that can clean your teeth without so much as a glob from the tube.

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misoka toothbrush nanotechThe designer teamed up with Japanese technology company Yumeshokunin Co., Ltd., which produces products based around advanced nano-mineral technology, to develop a the toothbrush with specially-engineered bristles. The brush’s bristles—which are 0.178 millimeters thick—are coated in nano-sized mineral ions that move in the water. These ions pass from the bristles to your teeth during brushing, removing stains and forming a protective coating that makes it more difficult for plaque and other material to adhere to your enamel. You just need to dip the toothbrush in a cup of water to activate it.

“Even without toothpaste, your teeth stay as shiny and clean as though you just walked out of a teeth-cleaning session at the dentist’s,” the designers told Dezeen.

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misoka toothbrush nanotechThe name “Misoka” comes from the Japanese word meaning “last day of the month,” which is appropriate since it’s recommended that each Misoka toothbrush gets replaced after a month of regular use. While you might have to frequently replace your Misoka toothbrush to maintain a certain level of oral hygiene, eliminating toothpaste could help you save money and reduce the amount of waste you produce.

misoka toothbrush nanotechPhotos via Yumeshokunin

While previous versions of the Misoka toothbrush have been a big hit on the Japanese and Asian markets since 2007, this technologically advanced toothbrush finally made its way to Europe for Milan Design Week 2015. Inspired by running water, the latest plastic model has a sleek, fluid shape.

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