Mix Up Your Wall Art With Meural’s Digital Canvases

meural digital canvasPersonalizing your living space can be difficult, particularly if your headquarters are in a cramped NYC apartment. Putting time and energy into decorating is often stressful and can be expensive, but one company is aiming to change the way we display art in our homes by simplifying the curation process through their first product. Meural‘s new digital canvases allow you to instantly switch up your art display on a whim via your phone.

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Meural is a dramatically new way for enjoying, discovering and sharing visual culture. For the first time, you can instantly frame and control the art and photography on your wall to customize your living space. Unlike typical wall décor options, the digital canvases make it possible to curate art and redesign your walls on a day-to-day basis. Meural’s gesture-activated display and mobile application offer unprecedented access to all forms of art and visual culture—from classic to contemporary art, plus stunning photography and design.

“We unreservedly respect the established means of art collection and curation,” said Meural CEO Vladimir Vukicevic. “Meural is working closely with museums, galleries and artists to create an innovative new layer in visual culture by increasing the opportunity for exploration and accessibility.”

meural digital canvas

meural digital canvasmeural digital canvas

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Meural’s digital canvas is the perfect blend of top-notch industrial design and cutting-edge technology, featuring:

  • Simple Gesture Control: Change images with simple gestures by swiping your hand within a few inches of the frame to control images and collections.
  • Mobile App Control: Use the Meural app to interact with your Meural, control all major features, and find new artwork for your space. You can even create and send pictures from your phone directly to your Meural.
  • Meural Dashboard: Create personalized collections and discover new artwork through your own Meural webpage. Meural partners with museums, galleries, and artists to bring you a world of art and photography. You can even crop and touch up your own uploaded images to customize them for the space. The Meural Timeline will help schedule different artworks for different occasions, moods, and settings, so you can create your artistic playlist for today or tomorrow.

Meural Launches Beautiful Digital Canvas from Meural on Vimeo.

Photos and video via Meural

While the digital canvas might be an investment piece when you consider the cost of a standard frame, it comes with access to a full spectrum of fine art curated by museums, galleries, and artists–all of which are on vibrant display using the latest technology. You can now choose from three elegant, wood frame designs by Richard Clarkson. Each framed piece features a 1080p, 27-inch Wi-Fi-connected screen.

Currently, the Meural digital canvases are available for pre-order ($395), and will ship in the Fall of 2015. For more information, visit Meural.

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