I personally love modern furniture and architecture, but whenever I visit a modern house, I could never actually imagine myself living in such a cold place. That is how modern art feels to me: very rigid and cold.

However, a successful mixture of modern and classical can be done. Italian architect and founder of b-arch studio Sabrina Bignami has redone the Casa Orlandi Guesthouse, an 18th century palazzo (Italian for “palace”) in Prato, Italy (near Florence).

Bignami states:

The rich colours and ornate detailing of the frescoes and floor throw the clean lines of the contemporary furniture.

Casa Orlandi is the perfect juxtaposition.

The 18th century palazzo is full of 1900s frescoes by painter Luigi Catani. Cantani was a painter during the Granducato di Toscana and worked in Tuscany in the 18th century, who was commissioned to paint in cathedrals in Italy as well as the restoration of the Grand Duke Ferdinand III. His work can also be seen in the Cathedral of Arezzo or the Palazzo Pitti. In Prato, Catani painted the frescos in Casa Orlando. Despite the fact the mixture of modern and classical is not a very Italian notion – typically, its one or the other – Bignami does a fantastic job at creating a romantic getaway and keeping Italian tradition.  The guesthouse is quite spacious at 250 square meters.


The best part: you can stay here as a guest for around 150 euros a night in one of the 3 bedrooms. You can email for more information.

Casa Orlandi Gueshouse Address

Casa Orlandi
Via Giozzelmi 9
Prato, Italia


Please go to Sabrina Bignami’s project page on Behance to find out more information.

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