Mo Mug: A Reusable Coffee Cup with a Mustache

Mo Mug: A Reusable Coffee Cup with a Mustache

Our idea of procrastination is loitering on Kickstarter to see what innovative idea is about to explode next on the crowdfunding site. We can’t help it — there are so many cool and exciting things to be discovered! And when we came across Mo Mug — what coffee enthusiast and mastermind behind the cup, Tony Small, describes as the “world’s first reusable coffee cup” — we couldn’t help but be amused by the whimsy of this design.

Why is Mo Mug relevant?

These astonishing facts about the coffee industry were what inspired Mr. Small to design this coffee cup in the first place:

  • 58 billion paper cups are thrown away (not recycled) every year
  • 20 million tree cut down annually to produce our global demand for paper cups
  • 45 billion litres of water used annually in manufacturing

And all of that is before you even consider the poisonous inks used in the color of the cups, or the plastic lids. No matter how you try to frame this, it is a problem. That is why Tony Small, based in New Zealand, made Mo Mug! According to Small:

We know that not everyone can be an environmentalist. Not everyone wants to be. But with Mo Mug, you can stylishly enjoy coffee the way it’s intended whilst proudly claiming the bragging rights of “accidental environmentalist”.

Best part: his materials were specifically chosen as to minimize any altered taste of the coffee! If you have your own plastic reusable coffee mug, you’ll know what I mean.

Small asked for funding on Kickstarter at the end of August and reached his goal a couple weeks ago. You can read his story on his Kickstarter page. Hopefully, we’ll be able to get our own humorous mugs from him in the future!

Mo Mug: A Reusable Coffee Cup with a Mustache

Mo Mug: A Reusable Coffee Cup with a Mustache





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