Finnish stylist Susanna Vento makes use of a lot of fun patterns on her recent interior design project in Kokkola, Finland. Sussana certainly has a pension for minimalist styles, and it is very apparent here with her choice of white as the dominant palette color in this Scandinavian home.

I truly enjoy that the palette is white and light wood, true to the Scandinavian design style. Her choice of decor is a fascinating mix of classic and vintage finds, something any interior design lover can truly appreciate. My favorite room is the dining room, which is really playful with geometric shapes, which thrives in the simplicity of the color palette.

Take a tour of the home below!

Take note of the clean lines, simple color scheme, and general light atmosphere of the kitchen. Love it!

My favorite part of this room is most definitely the exposed shelving, which reveals a tasteful set of dishware.

This room brings together a great use of depth and flatness, with the pieces of art as well as the eclectic furniture.

There’s a great use of “everyday” items that really adds a touch of home to this office space! The clipboards makes an otherwise serious space in the home quite playful.

The bedroom isn’t my favorite, but I do love that the designer brought the natural element via wicker baskets throughout the entire home.

It’s an interesting concept to create the children’s room as the darkest room of the house, but it allows the bright toys to really stand out.

What do you think of this modern Scandinavian home? Comment below!

Photography by Kristiina Kurronen. [via Emmas Designblogg]



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