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Hello October! The month of Halloween costumes, cavity-inducing candy corn, frustrating “fun-sized” candy bars that are barely a mouthful, but still made of delicious chocolate, and, of course: Monsters.

Traditionally, monsters are scary. Leave it to Disney and Pixar to make them lovable.

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Monsters, Inc. is the company that powers Monstropolis. The city is home to every kind of creature imaginable, and then some. But only the scariest work at Monsters, Inc., the most famous of which is James P. Sullivan (John Goodman), or Sulley.

Sulley is a large, furry, blue monster with purple polka dots, who is confident and pretty easy-going. He shares an apartment with his co-worker, Mike Wazowski (Billy Crystal), a short, green cyclops, who is more of a pessimist, but has great comedic timing.

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The power that Monsters, Inc. harvests is in the form of children’s screams. Collecting the screams is a dangerous task since children are thought to be toxic, and being touched by one is potentially fatal. The task is delegated to the scariest factory employees, called “Scarers”.

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The top Scarer at the factory is Sulley, and he and Mike form the best team Monsters, Inc. has ever seen. But the best of the best always have their rivals, and Sulley and Mike are no exception. Randall Boggs (Steve Buscemi) is creepy with his chameleon-like skin, but he’s no match for Sulley. He’ll do anything to bring his enemy down.

All hell breaks loose when Randall leaves an active door on the Scarefloor, and an adorable little girl with black pigtails slips through. Sulley and Mike must try to return the little girl (Mary Gibbs)—affectionately named “Boo” by Sulley— to her home, without the entire monster-world finding out about it.

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Monsters, Inc. is a great movie that combines the delightful storytelling genius of Disney with the dazzling visuals of Pixar. The film was very successful, and spawned a prequel: Monsters University. Don’t let October slip away without chowing down on a popcorn ball and giving these movies a watch!

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